Song performed by Boban Markovic. «The King of Balkan Brass was born and raised in Vladicin Han, in the south of Serbia. He still lives therewith his extended family, including his trumpet-playing son, Marko». (Source: Beginner’s guide to: Eastern Europe). The lyrics are of an old Serbian folk song.

Hej, ih! Ko isprosi, mili rode, u selu devojce?
Ja isprosih, mili rode, u selu devojce.
Hej, mili rode, u selu devojce!

«It’s about the traditional wedding ceremony when a groom-to-be had to get a permission from his future father-in-law (isprosi devojce) as to marry a village girl (u selu devojce). When asked if he’d been granted the permission, he was proud to confirm (Hej, mili rode = Hey, my dearest friend!).» @ makiskosm