Song by Tcha Limberger, Janos Dani, Gyula Csík & Vilmos Csikos

De man daje mol te piau (Tsigane Roumanie)
De man daie mol te piau (x2)
mmama hai te piau hai te patiau, mama,
oh, devla diklem andol droma
mama hai te kushau le lumea
mama marau andol dushmanea
Mama cai hale mire diesa (x2)

numa daie ca te piau (x2),
ca sa janau so cherau
honi mamo namai pi
le tsigania ‘s bari
mao si perverso prea phari
of, mamo chind von dichin tut mato
mamo hai can den tut co shero
hai aciel to ciavoro

sar i lumia vo pro shantsos
von cheren li vorba lantsos
ccana dichin man mato
pphenen cai som denilo
mama sode som me delacio
vvon phenen ca som prosto
mama cai hanle miro shero


Give me mother wine to drink (x2)
to drink and to get drunk
oh, I looked out on the street
so I could concider the people out there
so I could beat up the gangsters
those who have ruined my live (x2)

Just mother so I can drink (x2)
so I know what I’m doing

Enough, stop drinking
those gipsies are big
they are perverted and heavy
oh when they will see you drunk
they will beat you’re head
you’re sun will be left alone

All the people along the streets
they talk about me
when they see me drunk
they say I am in sane
Am I really that bad
they say I am sstupid
let them eat my hea(which can be interpretated as: I don’t give a shit what they do)


  • Lyrics provided by Stéphanie De Block