This song featuring in Tony Gatlif’s Transylvania is originally from Ando Drom’s album Kay Phirel o Del, and called Zold Az Erdo. La Vent from the film Transylvania is just a different arrangement of the original song, but worth to be featured again on the blog.

Le Vent
zold az erdo, zold a hegy is,
a szerensce jon is, megy is
gondok kese husunkba vag
Kepmutato lett a vilag

egesz vilag ellensegunk
uzott tolvajokkent elunk
nem loptunk mi esak egy szoget
Jezus verzo tenyerebol

Isten konyorulj meg nekunk
ne szenvedjen tovabb nepunk
megatkoztal meg is vertel
orok csavargokka tetel

green is the forest, green is the hill
fortune comes and fortune goes
knife of troubles cuts our flesh
the world has turned two-faced

the whole world is against us
we live like thieves on the run
we haven’t stolen, just a nail
from the bloody palm of Jesus

Lord have mercy
end our people’s suffering
you’ve beaten and condemned us
forever wanderers we’ve become

  • Lyrics and translation of this arrangement by RomamusicDJ