Song by Ternipe. To see the video with dance, click here. (Only available on youtube).

Al Lina, Lina
Losan le roma… (x2)

Suvel e shej pesko gad
Kalo rom si lako dad
Pusadyas voj pesco naj
Malavel la e balvar

Al Lina, Lina
Losan le roma… (x2)

Kaso baro lazhavo
Doshalo si o shavo
Kanak dikhjas lako rat
Peski godyï xasardyas

Al Lina, Lina
Losan le roma… (x2)

Chokanesa mardyas la
Pajesa usardyas la
Shudyas buchum pe late
Kade trubujas lake

Al Lina, Lina
Losan le roma… (x4)

Oh Lina, Lina
Happy are all the romanies

The girl sewing her blouse
Waiting for her father
The needle stung her finger
May the lighting strike it

What a great shame
The boy come home drunk
Saw the girl’s blood
Lost him mind

Hit her with a hammer
Awakened her with water
Hit her with a tree trunk

Who cares, she deserves it

*I have to say that I’m totally against the boy’s behaviour and, at the beginning, I refused to belive those lyrics actually said that, but I can’t erase something that used to happend, not only in gypsy culture. Just wish this kind of situations remain in the past, as something that we overcome, and never happen again.