From the film ‘Transylvania’ by Tony Gatlif.  Mamaliga is also a traditional romanian dish. Singing in the video, the singer of Nadara Gypsy band, Alexandra Beaujard.


Mamaliga branzali,
*Ai Devla,te merau!*
So kerel o barvali?
*Ai te merau!* x2

Aai mo Rromal!e
Aaai mo chaval!e
Aai Rromalenca,
Aai chavalenca!

*Ai te merau: “Oh Lord may I die!”
“this is a genuine gypsy expression, they also say “may my mother die!”, and it’s used to emphasize the truthfulness of one’s afirmation (like ‘I swear to God’). It is actually an abreviation of the phrase “May the Lord let me die if I’m lying to you!”