Roma traditional song, performed by Loyko, appearing also on the film Tabor.”The cards don’t lie, and for this young gypsy girl, all the cards are showing that soon she will meet the love of her life. Her excitement at this good fortune cannot be hidden”.

Sare Patrya

Saré, ne patryá,
saré I yoné li da nevé
sare gozhá yo ch’ayá
Paloróm gené, da da da

Na-nu, la-ra-ra-ra-rai
Ta-ra, rai-dam, la-ra-ra-rai
I-lara, rai-dam, la-ra-ra-ra-rai
(Ai, ne-ne….)

Ai, mamolé li, mamolé,
Lovoré, galyov, nané
Da karik mangé te dj’ar
Kai o lóve me te láv? Ai ne ne..


Me te xav kamám
Andro pogrebo
Me te dj’ar darav

All the cards

All the cards,
All of them new
All the beautiful girls
Have married


Oh mother, dear mother,
I know there is no money,
And, where I would go now?
Where can I get money? Oh well well


Dear mother,
I want to eat
I’m afraid to go to the cellar.