Lindráji szi


Song by Ando Drom Lindráji szi Lindraji szi adi gilyi, na tuke rakhjom la avri, dav tu menge andar jilo, hatyarasz amen de misto.

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Keren Chave


Keren Chave Song by Ando Drom Keren Chave Keren savorale drom, te khelel o puro rom, o puro rom te khella amari voja kerla.

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Ci lav tu


Song interpreted by Mitsou and Ando Drom, to the accompaniment of the Paris based grup, Bratsch. The lyrics are symbolic, and the group don't agree

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Sza tele zsav


Song by Ando Drom, music ensemble from Hungary, founded in 1984. "Ando drom" means "on the road" [youtube=] Sza tele zsav Sza tele zsáv le dromeszá,

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Kanak Szomasz


Song by Ando Drom, from the album: 'Gypsy Life on the Road', considered one of the best albums of Hungarian Roma music. This song also

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Ahaj Devla


Song by Ando Drom. They are part of the vocal tradition of travelling gypsies. Instrumentation is kept to a minimum, and the guitar or mandoline

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