Romano Horo


Romano HoroSong by Esma Redžepova Haide chayale, sare te khela, sare te khela, Romano Horo 2X AHHHHHH, romano horo 2X sako chave khelen,

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Hajri Ma Te Dike


Song by Esma Redzepova. Version by Norig. Hajri Ma Te Dike Hajri mate dike daje sodindjanman tuda Koga but ne roma daje budbutdike rena

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Song performed by Fanfare Ciocarlia feat. Esma Redzepova. İbrahim But pirgan but dikjan Navaljangan so kerdan Mo ternipe rovljargan Ko kalipe bicavgan İbrayim mangav


Kaleš Bre Anđo


From the tale of “Kalesh Anga,” a Macedonian Christian girl who the Turkish lord is trying to convert to Islam...singed by Esma Redzepova Kaleš

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Moj dilbere


Traditional Bosnian folk song about a young girl who is being sold in the slave market, and is wondering where her lover is. Singed by

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Čaje Šukarije


Esma Redzepova, the queen of Romani singers, wrote ‘Chaje Shukarije’ and many other fine songs during the 1960’s and 1970’s. She was discovered by Stevo

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