Hello visitors,

This page is just to ask  if you can help me find some songs’s lyrics that are beeing so hard for me to find. I can’t give you a reward, only my gratefulness and to put a special mention below the lyrics’s post. So If you can help me find any of this songs it would be great and I think many other visitors will be greatful too.

You can also send your list of wanted songs and I will add them to see if me or someone else can help to find them.

You can contact with Gypsylyrics’ community though this Facebook page.

So for now, here is the list:

Soske Murseske Manglape Kurva, from Karmen (with a happy end), by Goran Bregovic

Demanded by Sarah K.

Me darava/ Doli Doli, by Sasha Kolpakov

Loyko‘s songs (anyone)

Duj Duj

Demanded by DLCS Management

Le Vent from the movie Transylvania
Demanded by Amélie Leduc

Dandaro from the movie Gadjo Dilo
Demanded by Amélie Leduc